Cranky LED - Honeycomb Shad

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Cranky LED - Honeycomb Shad

The Alosa Minor - Honeycomb Shad was named by our instagram follower @shmitz_8 during a contest!

This floating crankbait has a nice combination of red, yellow/greenish and blue color, with a hectagon pattern. In bright sunlight, expect a nice shine from this lure. This crankbait has an undeniable fish-catching wobble, and a mild rattle, that guarantees a wide vartiety of aggressive and passive feeding fish. The detailed finish, quality hardware and strong lasersharp hooks make it a superior crankbait that will stand up to repeated assaults!

Size: 3" (With bill)
Style: Float
Weight: 3/8 oz.
Hook Size: 6
Cranking Depth: 3'-10'
Water type: Fresh
MSRP $10.95

*Loud internal rattle.
*Tight, aggresive wobble.
*Highly attractive colors and realistic accents.
*3D eyes