Dante VIB Lipless Crankbaits

Our lipless crankbaits feature an aggressive fishing pattern, ideal diving depth for ponds and lakes, as well as a premium paint pattern. At Kanan lures, we don't just make quality lipless crankbaits, but they come in different fish species color patterns.

Is a lake being stocked with trout? Bass are curious and will definitely check it what's going on. Cast out a trout Dante Vib lipless crankbait, and slay them all day.

Bass spawning? Lunker bass feast on smaller bass. Cast out our Baby Bass Dante VIB lipless crankbait to make the best chance on catching huge bass.

Every angler knows live bait works best. Kanan makes it possible to get the advantage of live bait by copying their exact pattern, combining it with the advantages of a quality fishing lures.

Add a premium lipless crankbait to your tackle assortment today!

5 products

5 products