About us

Based in California, Kanan Lures dedicates itself to provide high quality, like-like fishing baits since 2008. Kanan is ran by anglers, for anglers. Our goal is to provide a higher standard of fishing baits, that catch a wide variety of large fish.

Fishing since childhood

As for many, fishing became a favorite sport back when we were kids. Back then, all we needed was a hook and we'd find the bait somewhere... Be it a worm, minnow or some sort of bug crawling around!

That sport has become a lifestyle. We love fishing, be it a couple casts in a pond before dusk, or chasing fins off-shore early morning.

The "Kanan Quality"

At Kanan, we don't copy other styles of fishing lures, and hope we get a piece of the cake. We take time to put together innovative ideas. We research and photograph different fish, to replicate their skin pattern on our swimbaits.

We only use high quality materials, so our lures have that perfect lifelike swimming pattern time and time again. And if that wasn't enough, some of our lures feature a unique water-flow design that enters through the mouth and exits through the gills. It creates lifelike bubbles and gurgles, just like real fish.

Have you ever looked at a lure, and thought, "Man, they went the extra mile"? That my friend, is the Kanan Quality.