What are multi jointed swimbaits and do they work?

Swimbaits are a must for every tackle box, but what are they and what benefits do they bring to the table? Their primary focus is on imitating the swimming pattern of a real fish. And they do it very well.

What truly sets swimbaits apart is that a quality multi joint swimbait will mimic a real fish, regardless of being fished fast or slow, shallow or deep.

You will see that our swimbaits have a different design when compared to any other hard bait. Kanan swimbaits are unique as they provide you with a resounding attention to detail, as well as an innovative water flow design (more about that below).

Swimbaits are typically more expensive than any other kind of fishing lure, simply because it takes much more work and detail than a simple one piece hard bait. Each piece is separately manufactured and painted, and then connected to each other. At Kanan lures, we use metal joints for extreme durability that will withstand extreme pressure for catching monster size fish.

Innovative water flow design

Kanan lures swimbait water flow designThere is a wide selection of swimbait fishing lures on the market. However, not only are Kanan swimbaits superior in durability and quality, they also feature an amazing innovative water flow design. This water flow design allows water to enter through the mouth, and exit through the gills. A sudden jerk, or fast retrieval will create gurgles and bubbles, just like real fish.

Why do we go the extra mile? Because it increases your chances on catching those monster bass that simply don’t fall for other baits. Our wide variety of swimbaits allow you to target monster size fish, regardless of their species. Bass, trout, muskie, etc. Learn about their favorite snack, and pick a color accordingly.

Make fishing scent last with our open mouth swimbaits

When the bites slow down, you may very well add some scent in the mouth of our swimbaits. The Aqua Relic Fatty is perfect for this with it’s wide open mouth. Simply add a couple drops of your favorite scent directly in the mouth. The applied scent will last much longer compared to adding some drops to a crank bait for example, where a couple of hard cranks can easily wash off most of the scent.


When you want to target larger fish, swimbaits are a perfect fishing lure for you. While crankbaits, or soft baits are great for catching fish, swimbaits target the smarter - often larger fish.

It’s hard to beat fishing with live fish, such as minnows, goldfish, creek chubs and the like. Swimbaits allow you to get the same action as if you were fishing with live bait, but with the benefits of a hard lure.

Check out our swimbait family:

Aqua Relic Minnow - Great for any size fish.

Aqua Relic Fatty - The bigger brother of the minnow, typically catches big largemouth bass and other larger predatory fish. Great if you like to use fishing scents, as you can apply it in the mouth for a long lasting effect

Aqua Relic Monster - The largest swimbait we offer. You won’t catch many on these fishing lures, but you’ll catch monsters. These baits mimic the juvenile stage of bass, trout, and other fish species. If you’re fishing with one of these and hook up, hold on tight.

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