Aqua Relic Fatty - Baby Bass Swimbait

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Introducing the Baby Bass swimbait from our Aqua Relic Fatty line. This bait is ideal for largemouth bass, and other large predatory fish. Large bass often eat smaller bass, and this swimbait is the perfect snack size for a lunker largemouth. Features a innovative waterflow design that allows water to flow through the mouth and exit through the gills. Creating lifelike bubbles and gurgles that fish can't resist. Add to that a beautiful lifelike swimming action, and you have a new favorite lure!

Product specifications
Size: 4.75"
Style: Sink
Weight: 1 oz.
Hook Size: 4
Suggested Cranking Depth: 2'-10'

  • Incredible, lifelike swimming action.
  • Flawless natural color imitation.
  • Solid, heavy duty components.
  • Open mouth and red gills add realistic suffering effect.
  • Kanan's unique 'Water-Flow' system allows water to enter through the mouth and exit through the gills
  • 3D eyes

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