Aqua Relic Minnow Perch Swimbait

Aqua Relic Minnow - Perch Swimbait

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Meet the favorite snack of predatory fish, and an all time Kanan best seller: the Perch edition of the Aqua Relic Minnow swimbait line. At 4", this siwmbait is the perfect snack size for a wide variety of fish. Swim it, troll it, twitch it, you can't go wrong with this bait.

Product specifications
Size: 4"
Style: Sink
Weight: 2/5 oz.
Hook Size: 6
Suggested Cranking Depth: 2'-5'

  • Incredible, lifelike swimming action.
  • Flawless natural color imitation.
  • Solid, heavy duty components.
  • Open mouth and red gills add realistic suffering effect.
  • Kanan's unique 'Water-Flow' system allows water to enter through the mouth and exit through the gills
  • 3D eyes

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